A Sacred & Most Precious Cow


“It could be argued, that just as in India, where the Hindu reverence for cows allows them to wander without restraint, public education is just as much a “sacred cow” in America. Here, public education is destroying our “crops”–our children–stopping the traffic of ideas from reaching them, and leaving ugly deposits in our children’s minds! Just like the Hindus of India who refuse to slaughter their holy cows while their children starve, too many Christians in America still cling to the holy cow of public education. Meanwhile, their children’s minds and hearts are starving for a Christian understanding of the world and culture around them.”

Thus writes Karen L. Gushta, Ph.D. in The War on Children: How Pop Culture and Publicc Schools Put Our Kids at Risk. I agree with Karen and urge you who also agree to pass this post on to Christian families who educate their children in the system that is self-evidently against Christ (Luke 11:23). We are our brother’s keeper!

I have been visiting the pastors of the churches in our area, sharing with them the urgent need for Christians to get their children out of the government run schools. I believe this is one of the most significant areas facing the Church today–the education of the children God has committed to our trust.

I encourage you to urge your pastor to consider this extreme urgency for Christian parents to remove their children from the government schools. Below I have given you access to the materials I give to pastors locally. (I also give them a brand new copy of the IndoctriNation DVD if they will commit to watching it.) You can print these materials and give them to your pastor. (See the DVD offer below.)

God’s grace to you!

Dr. Eugene Clingman

Items I give to pastors and which you can print and give to your pastor:

Read the official ICCP topic: The Education of Christian ChildrenAlso see several articles on education of Christian children by me on this page.

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