A Theological Treatment of Environmentalism


Article 19 of the ICCP topic titled The Biblical Perspective of Environmental: Stewardship Subduing and Ruling the Earth To the Glory of God and the Benefit of Our Neighbors reads:

We affirm that in response to man’s sin God cursed the ground so that it would not, as before sin, yield easily even to godly dominion/cultivation, let alone to ungodly, abusive domination (Genesis 3:17–19), and indeed subjected the whole cosmos to decay and corruption until He restores  it partially in history by obedience to the dominion mandate (Genesis 1:28), whether by the unregenerate through common grace (Matthew 7:11) or by the regenerate through special grace (Romans 8:18–24) , and fully in the New Heavens and New Earth of the eschaton (Revelation 21:1–3, 22–27; 22:1–5), all secured by the redeeming work of Christ (Colossians 1:14–20).

We deny, due to God’s faithfulness to His covenant, in which He proclaimed, after the Flood, that He would sustain the cycles on which terrestrial life depends for as long as the Earth endures (Genesis 8:22), that God’s curse on the Earth negates either the dominion mandate (Genesis 1:28) or the robustness and self-correcting resilience of the God-sustained Earth.

We are frequently and subtly bombarded by political/cultural correctness when it comes to environmental issues. Public school children bring home their environmentally sensitive projects for parents and family. News reports are chock full of sly sound bites that push the fallacy of global warming and over population. As Christians we must continually look to the Word of God, the Bible to cut between truth and error of what the culture preaches. Concerning environmentalism, many Christians have been led astray. The International Church Council Project (ICCP) provides tools to assist the Church in her mission to transform the culture.

We invite you to read, study, and share with others this important document; in the process of setting forth the Biblical view of the environment it also discloses many of the issues radical environmentalists are foisting upon the culture, and the Church.

Document twenty-four, The Biblical Perspective of Environmental Stewardship is available in two formats: a downloadable pamphlet (prints double-sided to legal size paper) and from the topic’s page here.

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  1. Mark Hillyard says:

    I live close to Jay Grimstead. As I watched the Yosemite Rim Fire I was amazed by the column of smoke rising from 75 miles away. It reminded me a a Nuclear Explosion. It was also interesting that at the beginning of this fire a group of TreeSpirit people were to worship there in the groves…they didn’t mention which Grove but I highly suspected the Groves of Yosemite judging by the pictures on their website. I made mention of this in the local newspaper website, that nature worship was wrong. I won’t describe the images because they were very graphic and sensual in nature.
    Just thought I’d say something as there are no responses here. These things are real and those people really believe what they write.