An Everlasting Kingdom (part 2)


by Dr. Jay Grimstead

For context, you are invited to see the first post here.

In the first post, Dr. Grimstead shared that he had lived in a theological fog regarding the Kingdom of God. In 1989 Dr. Grimstead and a team of theologians put together an historic document Concerning the Kingdom of God. Below is the second point of his commentary on that document; posts with his other points will follow in the next days.

2. The Kingdom of God Is Not Only Spiritual but Is Also Functioning in History—at this moment politically, legally, physically, artistically, scientifically, and culturally wherever His obedient servants join together as a team to bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth through their families, schools, businesses, churches, organizations, law firms, legislatures, etc.; in any country in any society. We deny that God’s rulership is limited to transforming only the private lives of individuals. (Article 6 of Concerning the Kingdom of God)

The above is excerpted from the soon to be published book Rebuilding Civilization on the BIBLE: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues by Dr. Jay Grimstead and Dr. Eugene Clingman.

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