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An Invitation to Participate/Requirements

Dear Christian leader, pastor, teacher, missionary or theologian,

We encourage you to prayerfully participate in this global dialogue as a member of your country’s National Council on Theology. Christian leaders in good standing with their churches, denominations, organizations, schools and mission agencies are invited to volunteer to be on the National Council on Theology from their own country other than from the United States (and such Christian leaders from the United States may volunteer to be on the State Council on Theology of their own state within the U.S.) if they meet these qualifications:

  1. They hold some position of respect and recognition within their own denomination, association, organization, school, church, or mission agency and have permission to officially represent their organization to their country’s National Council on Theology or to their State Council on Theology (U.S.).
  2. They are in hearty agreement with the ICBI Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and with the 42 Articles on Historic Christian Doctrine (a generic summary of 2,000 years of mainstream theology).
  3. They are committed to personally live a holy life of obedience to Christ’s commands in the Bible, and are willing to mutually hold each other accountable according to Matthew 18, to live in obedience to the Bible in all of life.

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The Sponsoring Organization for the International Church Council Project is
Coalition on Revival



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