Topic Article #22: The Sanctity of Human Life


 by Dr. Eugene Clingman, Executive Administrator
Copyright 2012, International Church Council Project
(This article may be freely distributed so long as it is not altered
and this comment and the above information remain intact.)

You have probably heard heart tugging appeals and been moved by them. You have probably seen the gory billboards and been startled by them! You may have heard the slogans from the opposing sides – “Support women’s freedoms!” verses “Human rights begin with human life!” No doubt you have been urged by mail and by phone appealing for finances or your personal involvement! But is this truly an issue that calls for Christian involvement? We believe it is. Jesus taught us to pray daily (for our bread, etc.) and that, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in heaven!” For the Christian who is thinking scripturally, it is plain to see that it is not God’s will for babies to be cut to pieces or burnt alive in their mother’s womb!

The International Church Council Project began to take on the issue of the Sanctity of Human Life after it was first urged upon Dr. Grimstead and the COR/ICCP Board of Directors by Board Member Jerry Nordskog (Nordskog Publishing) whose heart it had weighed upon for some years and who had mentioned this need on a number of occasions. The Board then asked Dr. Jay Grimstead to move forward in finding a first draft researcher and writer. Dr. Grimstead contacted Robert Fugate, pastor, theologian, and long time friend with high theological and ethical credibility. Bob at first declined because of the depth and breadth of information that would need to be grasped in order to write a credible and up to date document. After some time and some urging from Dr. Grimstead Bob took up the project and with months of in depth research and scriptural study fresh in his heart and mind, produced a first draft. This draft was sent to a number of astute theological men who then submitted recommended changes, most of which were applied to the document. The document was then sent to the approximately fifty men on the Steering Committee and Advisory Board for final input. This input was applied to the document and Dr. Grimstead then submitted the completed document to the Board. The document is now posted on our website ( and is being distributed in other ways as well.

Why involve all these men in all this work? Because what one believe directs what one does and we, Christ’s people, need to think and believe rightly, biblically! It was the desire of the International Church Council Project to make as clear a statement as possible, scientifically informed, but always guided by that queen of sciences, biblical theology. I believe we have done this. We trust that the Lord may use this document to His glory and the strengthening of His Church in the paths of righteousness.


Standing in the Gates!
Let me turn now to the subject of the influence of Christianity in society. Those who oppose the Lord Jesus Christ with their lives and/or efforts have rejoiced in their victory over Christian culture in the western world. The victory is evident everywhere – TV programming, schools, entertainments, the removal of public evidences of Christianity by the ACLU, the foolish court decisions by which the laws of our land have been changed by unelected judges who press their liberal and lawless views onto the American public. What began as a trickle has now become an avalanche. Some 170 years ago, in the midst of the ongoing war between righteousness and evil, the Church began to opt out of her place of influence in society. No longer was she willing to advance Christ’s cause in every area of life, but began to shrink back in spirit, restricting her effort to evangelism, church work, and missions. We Christians lost our vision for being those who stand in the gates (a scriptural metaphor for guarding society). No longer did we plant into our children vision to become excellent lawyers, producers of righteous media, outstanding doctors, statesmen of exceptional Christian integrity and purpose, righteous businessmen, innovative inventors, excellent manufacturers, teachers  who  present God and His truth at the center of every subject. From these and most areas of influence Christians backed away. The vision became the soon coming of Jesus! Long term vision was exchanged for the eminent return of Christ. We Christians withdrew into our churches, evangelism, and mission work, all of which are essential and legitimate to the advance of God’s Kingdom, but we did this in such a way that we abandoned the marketplace of societal influence. Then from the stronghold of our churches we began to watch the decline of the culture from which we had withdrawn and concluded the devil was taking over. But the reality was that the void created by Christian retreat was simply being filled with whatever came along. It is said that “nature despises a vacuum” and this is certainly true in the culture. Edmund Burke has wisely observed that, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!” The truth is, the devil did not take over, rather for the past 170 or so years, most of the good men have done nothing!

Christians must return to the marketplace of society. God in fact has destined His people to “sit in the gates” and Christians are supposed to be at the helm of the great ship called Society! This is why the International Church Council Project wrote the document, Concerning the Sanctity of Human Life!

The International Church Council Project seeks to restore to the Church theological foundations and to give her the instruments of warfare in this great struggle. We believe the good guys win in the end! But in the interim between now and the final victory, there is warfare. Christ and His Church will triumph in history, “For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet!” 1 Cor. 15:25 (NKJV). We pray our effort may be of use to the advance of our Great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

May God bless the work of the International Church Council Project! And may He bless you as you pray for us and as you give according to the prompting of God upon your heart. We need your support and ask you to prayerfully become a regular part of this effort in your prayers and as God leads, in your finances.


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