Cancer Update from Eugene Clingman


Medical Update from Eugene Clingman of the International Church Council Project

I am going to Oasis of Hope for a cancer fighting booster; Sunday, tomorrow, I will be in Mexico. Because my blood test numbers (PSA) are up, the doctors at Oasis want me to have a full body scan which will be done on Monday (July 13). I have resisted having scans, but the doctors say they need to find out what is going on, and that this knowledge is more valuable to my health situation than the risk of the radiation dosage of the scan. On Tuesday the council of Oasis doctors, with scan and a fresh blood test, will be consulting together on my behalf and making further decisions regarding the course of treatment they will advise.

Many people have been praying for a full and lasting remission. I am reminding the Lord, “Lord, many people are praying for my full recovery from cancer. Please hear their prayers and hear mine. Please heal me that I might serve You and those around me for more years.” Thank you for your prayers.

At this time we are running about $3500 behind in paying medical expenses; a fairly small amount. We are grateful Samaritan Ministries health sharing has covered most expenses. Can you help us to clear this $3500? There are two links below through which a gift may be given. Please also consider becoming a regular supporter of our ministry with the International Church Council Project (see at A recurring (monthly or quarterly) gift or a single gift may be given at

Or a gift may be given through GoFundMe (they take a larger transaction fee out of your gift amount). If you give through, the transaction fees removed from your gift are much less, very slight.

Thank you in advance for praying for our situation and for your generous gifts,

Eugene Clingman

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