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This statement will answer questions about the process and plans for the Global Church Council which we anticipate will occur in three different stages for approximately one week in each of the three different years of celebrating a major Church History Event on its 500th Anniversary. We will meet during the 500th Anniversary of these events:
1. In Wittenberg, Germany in 2017 in October we celebrate Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door, the event which is said to have triggered the Protestant Reformation;
2. In Zurich, Switzerland in 2019 in January we celebrate the Swiss Reformation under Zwingli.
3. In Worms, Germany in 2021 in April we celebrate Luther’s “Here I stand!” before the emperor.

The theological and Christian character requirements for membership on any nation’s “National Council on Theology and Revival”, and an Application Form, are found here. Each nation’s National Council is to be composed of 12 to 24 Christian leaders who generally represent a broad spectrum of Bible-believing denominations, schools, organizations and mission agencies, and each of whom must officially represent as a liaison their own denomination, school or organization to the Church Council, and represent the Church Council to their own denomination or organization. Theologically each member must honestly and in good conscience sign (be in agreement with) the ICBI Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, and COR’s 42 Articles on the Christian World View (which is like a generic “statement of faith”). Signing these two documents helps guarantee each member has a proper, Biblical view of the Bible and believes in the basic, historic faith of mainstream Christianity of the past 2000 years.

National Councils may meet by phone conference, Skype, an online forum, Facbook, etc. at their own convenience.

Members must also sign “The Declaration of Biblical Truth” which which is here. By signing, each of you  states your  affirmation that COR’s 24 Documents “represent well, though possibly imperfectly, what the Bible teaches on these 24 Topics.”.
NOTE: For those National Council Members who declare they are in substantial agreement with the main points of these 24 Documents, but who have minor reservations with certain wording of any of the 24 documents, and would like to see that wording discussed and changed, they have the opportunity to sign “The Declaration of Truth With Minor Reservations”, and list those specific wordings they would prefer to have discussed and changed. Then all such recorded “minor reservations” will be dealt with before and during the process of these three Global Church Council meetings. If a National Council Member cannot be in “substantial agreement with the main points of these 24 Documents”, he does not belong on an ICCP council for his nation but should cease being a member immediately or disqualify himself before becoming a member.

What should you do now?

  • Help find other men in your country (or wherever you know them) become members of the ICCP.
  • Review the 24 documents so that you are familiar with their contents. Make notes of any concerns or questions you have so you can discuss them with the ICCP theological committee  in your country.
  • Meet with other ICCP members in your country by conference call (phone, internet chat, forum, other internet connection, or in person if possible). We trust that God will make a way for each country’s committee to meet in order to discuss the documents and prepare for the global council.
  • If any member of your country’s committee has minor reservations (Declaration of Biblical Truth), we ask that your committee discuss these reservations so that by discussion and clarification these minor reservations may be removed from the heart and mind of every committee member. Please note that the ICCP is not claiming the documents are flawless; we are claiming that they are a faithful and true representation of what the Bible says concerning each of the 24 issues–We hope that each country committee will be able to affirm the same. If after discussion and clarification reservations or concerns remain, these minor reservations should be submitted to the ICCP Administrator. Minor reservations will be compiled by the Administrator and reviewed at the 2017 global consultation. The goal for 2017 is that each country committee affirm the documents as faithful and true representations of what the Bible teaches about those 24 areas. We also ask that each committee send at least two representatives from their committee to the 2017 global council. At the global council they will affirm their committee’s agreement that the 24 issue documents are a faithful and true representation of the Bible’s teaching on these 24 issues.
  • If the documents are not yet translated into your language, find qualified volunteers to get as many of the documents as possible translated. As new translations are completed for any of the 24 issues, we will put them on the ICCP website so they are available around the world. Check here for what documents may already be translated into your language: Translations Page. Send new translations in Word or pdf format to the ICCP Administrator; if a special script (font) is necessary for your language, please send the font or the name of the font.
  • Prepare to send two or more representatives from your country’s theological committee to the 2017 global council. The committee in each country should begin saving money to enable two or more of it’s committee to attend as representatives of your country. The ICCP, at this time, has no money to assist in this; we trust that God will enable each nation’s theological committee to send two or more.

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