Declaration of Biblical Truth (for online membership application)


We declare that the 24 documents of Affirmations and Denials of the International Church Council Project represent well, however imperfectly,* what the Bible teaches on those 24 topics and also reflect what the mainstream Body of Christ has generally believed over the past 2000 years.

We urge all Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible to study these 24 documents, and then join with us in signing this Declaration of Biblical Truth and in promoting and teaching these Biblical principles to all who will listen.

We further declare that to the degree the Scriptural principles reflected in these Affirmations and Denials are neglected, rejected, or opposed by individual Christians, churches, schools, or organizations, to that degree will those people wittingly or unwittingly lead the Church into further deterioration, confusion, self-destruction and irrelevance thus rendering Her less capable of being God’s salt and light to a lost and sinful world.

((End of Declaration))

This Declaration of Biblical Truth was created and signed by the participating theologians, pastors and Christian leaders who took part in the Western Hemisphere Consultation on Theology held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, August 6-9, 2003. The delegates discussed and then affirmed the first 20 (topics 1-20) of these theological documents at that time. (As a point of information: All 2,000 plus of the members of the Evangelical Theological Society were invited to participate in this Consultation.) In the intervening years since 2003, the ICCP team of theologians created another 4 (topics 21-24) documents which have been added to the original 20.

We are creating a global list of signers in order to “draw a line in the sand” which we trust will make evident the truly Christian position on each topic; the position that stands with the inerrancy of Scripture and with the mainstream theology of the Church of the past 20 centuries. We invite all Christians worldwide, leaders and people alike, to sign this Declaration of Biblical Truth and become a part of the growing family standing together, presenting a united front for Biblical truth and opposition to unbiblical error.




If you think you generally agree with these 24 Theological Documents, but have minor reservations about certain wording in some documents you would like to see discussed and changed, you may sign below with minor reservations.

When theologians ask other Christian leaders to sign a declaration stating they agree with over 100 pages of concentrated theology dealing with 24 controversial issues dividing the Church, one would expect that some would have minor reservations regarding some portions. For this reason we make available the form below.


In signing this Declaration of Biblical Truth, I am declaring that I am in substantial agreement with the main points of the 24 International Church Council Project Affirmations and Denials Documents. However, I wish to offer to the Steering Committee my suggestions in writing for minor wording changes within the 24 documents that I believe would provide a more Biblical perspective on portions with which I have minor reservations. Doing so will allow me to sign the Declaration with a sense of theological integrity.

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