The Theological Task



It is Dr. Grimstead’s understanding that, at this critical, urgent hour of history, God is calling the ICCP to “declare war on all heresy and false teachings within the evangelical Body of Christ worldwide”. We expect open, declared liberals to teach a liberal, non-biblical view on any topic, but when evangelicals who declare themselves “Bible believers” teach heresy or falsehoods in the name of the Bible, the God of truth wants them to be exposed and opposed.

Thus, Dr. Grimstead is claiming that, as we are engaging in the process of creating a Global Standard of Doctrine for the Body of Christ Worldwide for the 21st century, we must also be initiating “A THEOLOGICAL WORLD WAR III” to draw a line in the sand and clarify which leaders and churches stand with the Bible’s truth and which ones oppose the Bible’s truth.

It is not enough to just passively wait for God’s theological enemies to attack God’s truth and orthodox leaders. Rather, we must aggressively take the theological battle to the gates of the liberal enemies who are covertly entrenched within Christian schools, churches, denominations and mission agencies and somehow draw them out into open, honest battle. Most Christians are largely unaware that many Christian colleges, seminaries and denominations are quietly housing liberal professors, pastors and leaders who are in strong disagreement with their own church or organization’s “statement of faith” and are teaching students just the opposite of what parents and donors think is being taught in such institutions.

The facts are that most of our liberal theological opponents will do everything they can to avoid a head-on collision, debate or discussion with our team. This is so because with orthodox theology and conservative positions on history, science, creation & evolution, archeology, morals and law etc., “we hold all the aces in this game”. That is, we have all the facts of history, logic, science and philosophy on our side! If we can ever get them to an honest debate or discussion, they lose because their presuppositions, perspectives, and “facts” are all phony, myths not grounded in reality, science or history. Theologically, historically and scientifically when we confront them with the facts, it is like John Wayne having a shoot out on main street with a 6 year old who is armed only with a slingshot.

When a person goes liberal, they tend to go liberal on about 20 issues at once because both truth and error are systematic and their positions are interrelated and have an effect on other doctrines and issues within their own system. So it is no surprise that a person who is pro-homosexual and anti-inerrancy will also tend to have an unbiblical view on God’s attributes, man’s sin, the atonement, heaven and hell, divorce, the Trinity, socialism, feminism etc. etc. This is why all 24 of our documents need to be the issues over which we do battle and draw the liberals within evangelical churches and institutions out into a head-on collision we call “Theological World War III”.


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