Video – Exodus Mandate’s Call to Dunkirk


The International Church Council encourages Christian parents to remove their children from the government controlled schools (public schools). The official ICCP paper addressing this issue may be found here and several articles on the issue are here.

This video is by the that assists Christian families in the exodus from government schools.

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I have been visiting the pastors of the churches in our area, sharing with them the urgent need for Christians to get their children out of the government run schools. I believe this is one of the most significant areas facing the Church today–the education of the children God has committed to our trust.

I encourage you to ask your pastor to consider the extreme urgency for Christian parents to remove their children from the government schools; you might email him the link to this page. Below are materials I give to pastors when I visit them. (I also give them a brand new copy of the IndoctriNation DVD if they will commit to watching it.) You can print these materials and give them to your pastor. (See the DVD offer below.)

God’s grace to you!

Dr. Eugene Clingman

Items I give to pastors which you can print and give to your pastor:

Read the official ICCP topic: The Education of Christian ChildrenAlso see several articles on education of Christian children by me on this page.

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