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America’s Christian heritage, once bold and rich, has dwindled. The moral capital built up and preserved by past generations has been squandered. A major reason, if not THE major reason is our nation’s government run public schools. Before public schools there were the Common Schools started by the Puritan culture as a means of bringing literacy to all citizens, so all could read the Bible, and know God’s Law and Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior. In the early 1800’s the Common Schools were hijacked by anti-Christian men who saw the opportunity to train the Nation’s youth away from Christianity and thus remove Christianity from the culture step by step, generation by generation. They and their successors have been VERY successful in their agenda. Our culture is no longer boldly and richly Christian.

Ray Sutton, in his book titled Who Owns the Family writes:

He who controls the youth of this generation will dominate the next. Just about all great movements and leaders have recognized this principle. That’s why Fascism invested so much in its youth during the 1930s and early 1940s, even down to the end ofWWII.  In our time, there is a raging battle over who owns the future generation, today’s children. The State would love nothing more than to capture them.

For the most part, the capture of America’s children by the state is a given. Most American children attend public school including approximately 85% of the children in Christian families. Many Christian parents justify this by saying Christian children are needed there as salt and light. When I mention to them that 80% of Christian children, 8 out of 10 who are trained by the public school system no longer walk with Christ within 2 years of graduating high school, 100% believe their own child will be among the 2 who do not lose their faith. O that reality would strike their mind like lightning! They “hope against hope”!

We are certain God is calling Christian parents to educate their children in the Christian worldview. This is not reasonably possible when a child spends 30 plus hours a week under the tutelage of anti-God teaching. Is it anti-God? Is it not plainly obvious? A teacher can get fired and a student expelled for having a Bible on their desk. A teacher can get fired for teaching that God is Creator and evolution a farce, or for teaching that sexual abstinence until heterosexual monogamous marriage is the only right way to conduct one’s self morally. Is the public school anti-God? The answer is too evident to need further explanation!

My heart is heavy over this and so I write often about this most debilitating defect within the Body of Christ, namely 85% of Christian children given to the state for indoctrination in anti-Biblical, anti-God, yes, anti-Christ philosophies and suppositions. This giving of our children to state indoctrination is more than a defect, it is an atrocity! I am my brother’s keeper, therefore I speak out. I hope you will forward this to some Christian friends or acquaintances who have their children in the government school. Better to get them mad at you now than watch them at the judgment seat receive the reward of such folly perpetrated upon the children God committed to their trust.

Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! There is an enemy, and he is already within the gates. The people sleep while their children are stolen graduating class after graduating class, 8 out of 10 of them. The arrows God gave us to shoot at the enemy, 8 out of 10 of them are placed in the enemy’s quiver, the Kingdom gets 2, and the war rages on. Will you not tell your Christian friends and acquaintances? I have written a tract, a FREE SOCIAL TOOL to make it easier to share this grave concern with Christian parents. It is titled Six Reasons Christian Parents Should Remove Their Children from Public School. You can get it here. You will also find a free Christmas tract and other tracts there as well.

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Read the official ICCP topic: The Education of Christian ChildrenAlso see several articles on education of Christian children by me on this page.

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