Freedom Comes From Free People


The culture bequeathed to us by the Pilgrims and Puritans has faded fast over the last 150 years. They who first came to America established Christian communities and birthed America’s culture and the form of government we first knew. Freedom and prosperity continue to wane. Humanistic law and evolutionary assumptions rule American society. The foundations are nearly destroyed. We live in a relativistic age where an increasing number of people assume there is no such thing as truth or right and wrong. We are enslaved by a government that takes far more than the 10% God requires. How has it happened and how can we turn it around?

Freedom is never voted into being. The ballot box is a place where covetousness and self-serving motives reign. The multitudes vote for themselves and for you larger taxes and ever more government encroachment and oversight as they seek government favors and support. A corrupt people produce a corrupt outcome in the ballot. It is said that a people receives the kind of government they deserve. An enslaved people get a tyrant. A free people learn to govern themselves and act in love toward God and neighbor in all things. What government do we have now? Are we the people headed to greater self-governing or greater tyranny?

Societies only become free as individuals become free. Individuals become free only by submitting themselves to the one loving Master, Jesus who said, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” John 8:31-32. Without obedience to Christ, man is in bondage. It cannot be otherwise. If man will not submit to the Creator, he will be enslaved by another.

God is still in the business of setting people free. As people turn to Jesus, and live by His truth, they grow in freedom. As people grow in freedom by obedience to Christ, the nation will become free as it was in its early days when Christ was honored. ICCP is working with 24 currently critical areas to help return the Church to truth and to righteous action. We are grateful for your support of this ministry.

Current issues like Feminism, Homosexuality, Christian Civic Duties, Biblical Economics (Against Socialism), Education of Christian Children, and the Sanctity of Life are among the 24 topics ICCP is working on. See them all here.

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