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For well over a decade Garry Moes has assisted Dr. Jay Grimstead with aspects of Coalition on Revival and the International Church Council Project. In his endorsement of the soon to be released book by Dr. Jay Grimstead and Eugene Clingman titled Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Truth Vs. Error Garry writes:

Conceived in ancient times of formative church councils, nurtured by the Protestant Reformation, challenged by theological drift in the 19th and 20th centuries, the multifaceted vision of Dr. Jay Grimstead to return the modern church to its biblical roots has been birthed in our time. For many of us who shared in his labor pangs, the vision at times seemed too grand to be realized and its vessels too weak to carry it forward. Yet in the late decades of the 20th century and early years of the 21st, the vision took real shape as the Holy Spirit guided an impossibly diverse group of churchmen to network and cooperate in shaping movements and creedal statements declaring biblical truth in the face of resurrected old and innovative new heresies. This book is a valuable record of how dedicated Christians can reawaken the church to affirm eternal truth and renounce falsehood. The book is a library in itself of how we should think and live in an age when truth has fallen in the streets.

• Garry J. Moes, Development Director, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Truth Vs. Error will be published by Nordskog Publishing in December 2013.

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