Global Church Consultation & Council, Generic Global Statement of Faith



    About half of the world’s Evangelicals believe the Bible is all inspired by God and is true (inerrant) and accurate where it speaks of the invisible world of God and heaven, as well as it’s statements about the world of time and space. matter & energy, history and science.  This was the view of Moses, David, Isaiah, Jesus, Paul and all the Church History heroes. What the Bible says, God says. Their Bible is the absolute standard of truth to which all other books, ideas, philosophies must conform.
    The other half of the Evangelical world have been corrupted by humanistic & liberal thinking so they believe the Bible is part true and part false and that their experts can tell them which is which, so they build their theology, ministry and lives upon a relativistic, culture-changing, liberal “foundation”.
    This foundational Bible-Division within Christianity must be identified and honestly dealt with as churches, denominations, organizations and  Christian colleges & seminaries are split in two on this.
    When Christian leaders view the Bible as full of errors and out-dated thinking, their view of all basic Christian doctrines disintegrates and their commitment to obey the Bible evaporates,ho and they become “blind leaders of the blind” who think their wisdom may sit in judgment on God’s wisdom in the Bible.
    God has led us to create certain organizations & movements to stand for God’s Truth and deal with this.2. OUR TEAMS HAVE CREATED 24 DOCUMENTS WHICH STATE THE TRUTH ON THIS
    From 1977 to 2013 Dr. Jay Grimstead gathered teams of theologians to create theological statements which defend the traditional, Biblical view held by the Church the past 2000 years on 24 different issues where unbiblical falsehoods were being taught by teachers from  supposedly “Evangelical” churches, denominations, colleges and organizations. These false teachings range from issues dealing with: The Atonement, God’s Omniscience, Heaven & Hell, Homosexual Sex, Abortion, and the Bible’s Inerrancy. These papers are viewable and downloadable at our COR website at and in our new COR book, “Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible”. Since there are now 24 such controversial issues which must be settled by the global Church, we see the need to organize three “Global Church Council Meetings” where these 24 Theological Documents will form the primary agenda for discussion, and hopefully for affirmation by delegates from the many nations.3. THE PROPOSED “GLOBAL CHURCH COUNCIL” MEETINGS FOR 2017, 2019 & 2021
    Three Global Church Council Meetings are scheduled to formally discuss these 24 Documents attended by delegates from 80 to 100 plus nations of the world in Europe in 2017, 2019 & 2021. Those dates represent the 500th Anniversary of these three major dates of the Protestant Reformation. In 1517 Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to the castle church door launching the Protestant Reformation so that 2017 Church Council Consultation will be held in Wittenberg, Germany where that happened.
    The 2019 Global Church Council will be held in Zurich, Switzerland during the 500th Anniversary of the Swiss Reformation launched by Ulrich Zwingli in 1519. The 2021 Global Church Council will be held in Worms, Germany celebrating Luther’s “Here I stand” speech before the emperor and the papal legates. All delegates from all nations must sign their agreement with the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy Statement on the Bible’s Inerrancy (also known as The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy) and on the 42 Articles of Historic Doctrine to confirm they believe the historic doctrines of the Church. They must also sign that they seriously attempt to live in obedience to the Bible 24/7. Hopefully these Global Church Council meetings will officially and globally “draw a line in the sand” stating that the heroes of the historic Church of the past 20 centuries all stand in unity in favor of affirming these 24 Documents as truly representing the Biblical teachings of Christ, the Apostles and the Prophets. These Global Church Council meetings are to become a “modern version” of the Council of Nicea (325AD), though the Global Body of Christ today is much more fragmented than the Church in 325AD. In many  nations we will be establishing a “National Council on Theology” to send delegates to each Council.4. THE “GLOBAL GENERIC STATEMENT OF FAITH” TO HELP UNIFY THE CHURCH
    We believe it is now possible for a united statement of faith to be signed globally by many denominations, churches, schools, organizations and mission agencies in most civilized nations because of the following two reasons. First, there already exists a vast amount of theological unity among most all of those who believe in the historic doctrine of the full, divine inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. This is a fact about which most Christians are unaware.

    Second, the document our theologians created in 1984 to unite the many diverse Christian leaders in our new COR (Coalition on Revival) organization, called “The 42 Articles on the Christian Worldview”, has received enthusiastic acceptance from a huge number of denominations, churches, and organizations etc. among Bible-believing Christians worldwide since 1984. We sent it to many denominations and organizations asking for their response and all those groups who took the trouble to write back told us they eagerly signed it and that it represented what their group or church believed.
    We will be using the “42 Articles” as the “First Draft Document” and starting point which will be discussed, edited and improved by the theologians of the world over the following 6 years to edit those 42 Articles into the new “Global Generic Statement of Faith” for the entire planet. We are confident that finally the global Body of Christ will be able to have a statement of faith most believers in the world can sign whole-heartedly. Such theological unity, if we can get there, will give us a great boost towards unity of co-working city by city and unity of heart in personal relationships. One of the key strategies for arriving at this proposed, new Statement of Faith will be to identify five areas of doctrine about which we believe various interpretations of the Bible should be allowable by mature members of any denomination. Those five areas of “allowable differences of interpretation” we recommend concern the doctrines of: Eschatology, Ecclesiology, The Sacraments, and Calvinism vs.
    Arminianism, and the Charismatic Gifts of I Cor. 12 and Eph. 4.

    In the U.S. State Councils on Theology are to be launched composed of inerrancy-believing leaders who are; theologians, major pastors, professors, organizational heads & denominational leaders who are given the following tasks:

  2. Discuss each of the 24 Documents and offer their input to the Church Council team;
  3. Debate & dialogue on T.V., radio etc. with leaders who stand opposed to any of the 24 Documents.
  4. Help coordinate the Survey of Colleges and Seminaries.

In each nation where we establish a “National Council on Theology”, and in each U.S. state where we form a “State Council on Theology”, these councils will first discuss and give their input on all 24 Theological Documents. Then they will work in unity and expect God to use them in these ways.
First, to bring forth REFORMATION, REVIVAL AND UNITY in churches & organizations;
Secondly, use the revived, reformed and unified churches and Christians, to birth and bring forth the REBUILDING of their civilization upon the principles of the BIBLE. God-given principles in the Bible work efficiently and productively to build up any society in the areas of: Law, Government, Business, Science, Education, the Arts and Media, the Family etc. Conversely, all anti-Biblical and humanistic principles promoted by atheists and socialists, not being connected to the reality God created, work inevitably towards any society’s self-destruction, defeat and disintegration.



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