ICCP into the Future


Dear Friends of the International Church Council Project,

Ron Kirk here on behalf of Jay Grimstead and the work of the ICCP…

Many will be aware that ICCP administrator and my own dear friend Eugene Clingman has gone home ahead of us to dwell with His Savior for eternity. He leaves behind his dear wife Edna and many loving children. Edna and the children, reflecting the faith and character of their husband and father, are standing firm in their faith.

As to ICCP, the work will continue on with all the force we can muster. At least temporarily, I will attempt to keep up with the work assigned to Eugene. In addition, I hope, Lord willing, to push forward the short and long-term goals of the ministry.

If anyone is interested in getting acquainted with me, I my life and work is pretty much an open book accessed at www.getwisdom.us. I have known Jay and Donna Grimstead personally since the ’00s and following Jay’s work since the ’90s. During our stint in the Sierras, the Grimsteads and the Clingman’s deeply endeared themselves to the Kirks.

For now, I am not encouraging casual correspondence as we have our hands full. As time goes by and the Lord provides, I hope that I may be an open friend to the ministry and to all of you who faithfully support this important work. I look forward to getting acquainted. After all, we will spend eternity together.

Christina and I remain dedicated to the purpose of the Coalition on Revival and ICCP. I will do my best to serve this work to defend the authority of the Bible and Biblical faith of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom.




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