Inerrancy Boil Down



by Dr. Jay Grimstead

 1. God, who created the universe, gave us His principles for how all life should be lived for mankind to live in justice, reality, honesty, peace and prosperity. God inspired certain men to speak His message in human language in such a way that the Bible came out saying exactly what God wanted man to know, not only about the invisible/spiritual world, but also He gave us accurate, real information about the physical world of history, science and math.

2. The Bible is to be regarded as a product of God’s inspiration by which it was written both 100% by God and at the same time 100% by humans, in the same way as Jesus Christ is claimed by all true Christians to be 100% God as well as 100% human, which is a “mystery” God has not explained to us in a way that is understandable to us humans.

3. Since the 1700’s, some philosophers and writers have claimed that the Bible is false and that Christianity is untrue and unhistorical, and that Jesus is not God and did not rise from the dead, and that there are no moral absolutes which all men are required to obey in this universe. People who believe these things are referred to as theological “liberals”.

4. Since the early part of the 1900’s, a new kind of theological liberal has emerged (called “Neo-orthodoxy”), which believes that the Bible is certainly true where it speaks of things in the invisible/spiritual world (such as heaven, angels, God and the afterlife) in those areas of life which are not able to be proven to be true or false, but that the Bible does not need to be true when it speaks about matters of history or science connected to this time and space world where facts may be verified or falsified. This is pure foolishness since the “Neo-Orthodox” person is asked to believe that what cannot be proven to be true or false  in the Bible is to be wholeheartedly believed, but that when the Bible speaks of those areas of life which may be proven to be true or false, it can be full of errors and falsehoods. Why should I believe that the unprovable things in any book are true, if the provable things in that same book are proven to be false?

5. 17 of the 19 Articles of Affirmation and Denial in this Inerrancy of the Bible Document deal with our committee’s answers to 17 Neo-Orthodox falsehoods now being taught in many so-called Evangelical colleges and seminaries. That is why this document was written.

6. It has been proven by the personal history of many lives that whenever a person stops believing in the Bible’s total truth about history and science as well as its statements about the invisible world, that person usually soon begins doubting and then disbelieving in the basic, foundational doctrines of basic Christianity which make it different from Atheism, Islam, Hinduism and Communism.


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