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I have not been very communicative lately due to my struggle with cancer. I have been doing a lot of resting. I seem to be getting stronger each day and so remain hopeful the Lord will yet strengthen me for some years of active service. Thank you for your prayers.

UPDATE: I have been working part-time for a choice Christian Publisher ( for a number of years to supplement our income to both pay the bills and continue to also serve the International Church Council Project. Recently I began to understand that I am no longer able to work the publishing company (NPI) and so I gave a 30+ day notice that I would be leaving. The stress level of serving NPI is too much for me to carry with this cancer. Cancer feeds on stress and so I need less and NPI provided more than I should have been carrying. Leaving NPI means that I will be free to serve the International Church Council Project full-time; it also means we must find new support to replace the lost income. The first step is to raise $2,000 per month. Please pray for the raising of this amount. Thank you for your long-time support of this ministry and the Clingman Family through your financial support.

On my way home from Oasis of Hope Hospital (Tijuana, Mexico) I sat next to a woman who told me she was a professor at a university in the east. She had a PhD in the Philosophy of Accounting. She taught graduate students (those studying for their PhD the subject of Philosophy of Accounting. I asked her what Philosophy of Accounting is and she told me she had been teaching her students the uselessness of accounting because numbers fluctuate! I said to her, how can accounting be useless, how can numbers fluctuate? Two plus two always equals 4. And a report of financial status can be derived from the numbers. She said something like “no, but numbers can be twisted so that they don’t necessarily equal 4. I said, but if the numbers are dealt with honestly, accounting always works. She said, no, because numbers are flexible and can be construed as the accountant wishes. I said, surely that is a matter of dealing honestly with the numbers.

This dear friend is an example of post modern thinking which supposes reality is in flux and can be construed as the individual wishes or as the situation demands. This is the convoluted thinking of those who hold the highest positions in the secular universities across our land. This is the pattern of thought being inculcated in those who will become the next generation of teachers and leaders.

A lot of post modern thinking has trickled into the church. This is all the more reason for ICCP to continue to promote the inerrancy of Scripture, strengthen the church in twenty-four Biblical positions (documents) our theologians have created over the past 37 years, and rally the church to global consultation and then global council around these 24 issues. See the next post (Tuesday) for details of the coming conferences.

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