Public School Education Opposes ICCP Topics


We stand on the side of each of the 24 issues of the International Church Council Project. Inerrancy is the foundation of all sound theology and is certainly the foundation for ICCP’s theological work. Of the other 23 topics, I (Eugene Clingman) believe Topic 21 – Concerning the Education of Christian Children is functionally the most important. What I mean by “functionally” is that if we Christians do not take decisive steps to give our children a Christian education as God requires, victories gained with the 23 other topics will have short-lived results. The education of our children is the foundation of the future. If we fail in laying a good foundation through morning-to-evening inculcation (Deuteronomy 6:6-9) of the Christian worldview into our children, the superstructure will likely fall (Matthew 7:24-27). If ICCP were to convert the present adult Christians to the truth of the 24 topics and yet the generations that follow us are educated as I describe below, this generation will die off and the Church will then consist of grown up children who were educated as described below.

The sad, sad reality is that 85% of us Evangelical Christians send our children to the government school system (public schools) where they are continually bombarded with and inculcated into a worldview consisting of Evolutionary Socialism and amoral ethics. This is tragic, and as the statistics mentioned at the end of this article demonstrate, foolish!

Below you will find brief comments on how the truths set forth in the 24 ICCP topics are daily violated and the exact opposite is taught to 85% of Christian children as they sit 30 or so hours a week subjected to Federally (increasingly United Nations) mandated methods, standards and curriculum.

How the Public School System Diametrically Opposes
The 24 ICCP Topics

1.   Biblical Inerrancy

The government school system (GSS) teaches that that the Bible is not the Word of God. How much less does it uphold the doctrine of inerrancy! The GSS thus teaches by excluding the Bible from the curriculum; the lesson learned by ALL students is that the Bible has nothing to do with ethics, history, science, or for that matter, any aspect of life and living for which they are allegedly being groomed by the GSS. In addition, some teachers actively speak against the Bible; this affects SOME students directly, and ALL students indirectly as their peers become militant against and disrespectful of the Bible.

2.   Biblical Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics is the science or art of literature interpretation. Needless to say, the GSS is not at all concerned with a proper interpretation of the Bible, and at times the Bible is purposely interpreted incorrectly in curriculum and by individual teachers. This affects ALL students.

3.   The Essentials of a Christian Worldview

This excellent overview of the Christian worldview sets forth all the basics of Biblical truth including the deity of Jesus Christ and His humanity, the necessity of salvation by faith, the truth that the universe was created by God and did not get here by accident as the GSS evolutionary assumptions teach. This document covers many other areas of essential Christian truth, all of which are rejected by the GSS.

4.   The Kingdom of God

The reality or the possibility of Christ’s present reign (Psalm 110; Hebrews 10:12-13) over the nations is denied and ridiculed by the GSS. The progress of history is assumed by the GSS to be by happenchance and as the survival of the fittest is played out on an evolutionary basis. In such a model man is the highest creature in the universe and corporate man in the state is the highest authority in the universe. Such assumptions leave no room for a Kingdom of God.

5.   The Omniscience of God and Human Freedom

This topic sets forth the Bible’s teaching on God’s foreknowledge of all future events and the simultaneous moral accountability to God of each human being for all one’s actions, words and thoughts. The GSS inculcates into children the false view that the future is random and unknowable by any being and that man is responsible to no higher authority than the State.

6.   The Pelagian Controversy

Pelagius taught that each newborn child comes into the world as a blank slate and without the taint of Original Sin. This is the heretical teaching Topic 6 addresses. The GSS is in complete agreement with Pelagius for it teaches that all a child needs is the right environment and training and he will grow to be both wise and good. According to the GSS children are not predisposed to evil and are therefore able and willing by situational ethics, logic and reason to decide what is good or evil.

7.   The Judicial and Substitutionary Nature of Salvation

The GSS does not allow for and in fact teaches against the Bible’s clear teaching that Jesus Christ, the Incarnate God came to die a substitutionary death in the place of and for the benefit of sinners, and that only by participating in Christ’s atonement may a human being be adopted into God’s family and be saved from sin and the eternal judgment of hell.

8.   The Trinity

The GSS actively denies the Triune God while the curriculum often and the teachers sometimes teach the legitimacy or possibility of other so called gods.

9.   The Eternal Fate of Unbelievers

If there is any assumption the GSS holds it is that there is NO Hell and NO Heaven. Think about it! Eighty-five percent of Christian children and nearly 100% of non-Christian children are taught there will be no eternal consequences for their actions, words and thoughts.

10. The Lordship of Christ

As mentioned under Topic 4 The Kingdom of God above the rule of Jesus Christ the Lord though set forth in the Bible in undeniable terms, the GSS ridicules and completely discounts such a possibility by completely ignoring Christ and at times actively teaching against Him.

11. The Unity of the Body of Christ

The GSS curriculum, heavily influenced as it is by the United Nations, does not allow for a worldwide unity other than that which is promoted by joining of nations under the flag of the UN.

12. Church Discipline

The GSS inculcates into children the idea that parents and Church have little to no right to discipline children. They will inevitably carry these ideas into adulthood, making the possibility of church discipline all the less likely and all the more difficult as generations are raised up in the church committed to the idea of the inalienable right to antinomianism (being one’s own law standard).

13. Culture, Contextualization and Missions

This topic deals with the need to protect the content of the Gospel as it is taken to other cultures while also acknowledging the wisdom and necessity of couching the message in a culturally understandable form so that the message is not cloaked in the presenter’s culture which may be abhorrent to the receiver. The GSS does not acknowledge the need to take the Gospel to other cultures and at times ridicules Christianity as something that cripples people cultures. The GSS evolutionary presuppositions default to the assumption that cultures should remain untouched by outside influences so that evolution may take its natural course.

14. Christians’ Civic Duties

The GSS teaches, as has been show above, that Christianity is unnecessary to any aspect of life and certainly is unnecessary and undesirable in civic responsibilities. The GSS teaches falsely that the Constitution says religion must be kept completely separate from politics and government because of the doctrine of “separation of church and state”. Such assumptions fail to recognize that the men who wrote the Constitution, many of them, were themselves Christians and used their Christian assumptions and ideas to create the American government system. One place this is demonstrated is in the “separation of powers” wherein Federal power is divided into three branches with checks and balances in order to minimize the tendency of sinful men to use position and power for their own benefit and for the oppression of others. All law systems rest upon religious (faith) assumptions, therefore it is impossible to exclude religion from politics and government. It is not a matter of whether or not religion will guide politics and government but of which religion will so guide.

15. Biblical Economic Systems

The GSS teaches a socialistic economic and has increasingly since the 1960’s. GSS curriculum often ridicules capitalism, presents it as oppressive and teaches that wealth should be redistributed by the government to the poor.

16. Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

The GSS both in curriculum and in culture inculcates an amoral (anything goes) ethic. We see this as GSS children are increasingly exposed to the assumption that homosexuality and promiscuous sex are acceptable and even desirable in order to grow into a “fully rounded human being”.

17. Biblical Distinctives between Males and Females

The GSS has been instrumental in bringing about the current cultural assumptions that men and women are equal in every way. The Bible however teaches that God created the man first, gave him responsibilities and then created woman as his helper to accomplish the assignment given to him. God did not create man and woman simultaneously; Paul tells us this fact is determinative when it comes to the authority structure of family and church (1 Timothy 2:12). Topic 17 does an excellent job setting forth the Bible’s teaching on the difference between male and female.

18. Homosexuality

As mentioned above, the GSS actively endorses and teaches homosexuality through curriculum beginning with kindergarten. If your local GSS’s curriculum does not yet include this, you will not need to wait long until it does. Many GSS schools have active homosexual student clubs.

19. A Biblical Approach to Counseling

The GSS promotes Skinnerian, Freudian and Pavlovian psychology and leaves no room for wisdom from the Bible when it comes to dealing with human moral or psychological problems.

20. Israel & the Church

The GSS denies the authority of the Bible and therefore also the need to discern between true and false ideas of Israel and the Church.

21. The Education of Christian Children

This is what the current article is about. The legislatures are continually presented with bills that seek complete government control of education in the United States. Such a monopoly would mean Federal/United Nations mandated curriculum for all children. Christians need to act now by removing their children from the GSS and by actively promoting Christian education and homeschooling.

22. The Sanctity of Human Life

The GSS teaches an amoral ethic. Planned Parenthood is active in many GSS schools. The curriculum that comes down from the Federal level inculcates the idea that it is acceptable to abort babies. The Bible on the other hand teaches that abortion is murder and that murderers should be put to death (the Bible teaches that civil government alone is authorized to execute murderers; individuals are NOT authorized by God to execute murderers).

23. God’s Law for All Societies

Increasingly the GSS nationally, under pressure from the ACLU and other organizations have removed acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments from school grounds. The GSS teaches an amoral ethic, not a Biblical ethic that bows to God’s Law.

24. Environmental Stewardship

In the GSS children are educated “green”. Children are taught that global warming is a fact when it is completely unsubstantiated scientifically. Children are taught that all living creatures came from the same evolutionary origin and therefore have essentially the same value. The GSS curriculum increasingly teaches United Nations environmentalism. Read the Topic 24 for details.

It is clear that the GSS (Government School System) stands diametrically opposed to each and every one of the 24 International Church Council Project topics. The ICCP theologians and steering committee has set forth these 24 essential topics as areas in which the Body of Christ is seriously compromised to its own sever harm. The GSS strives against the Biblical position of all the 24 ICCP topics and the GSS stands firmly on the side of heresy regarding each of the 24 topics.

I believe the proper education of Christian children is one of, if not the most critical area in which God’s people need to get it right. Tell the people you know that if their children attend the GSS their children are getting taught heretical, anti-Christian, anti-Christ teachings 30 or so hours a week. They hardly have a chance when one compares 30 hours of GSS indoctrination with the 1 to 4 hours a week of church influence. Indeed the statistics demonstrate that the cards are stacked against them. Only 2 out of 10 of these GSS Christian children will be in church within 2 years of graduating high school. Will your/your friend’s children be among the 2 who remain faithful to Christ, or among the 8 who abandon the Christian faith? The odds are not on the side of those who persist in sending their children to the GSS!

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We are certain God is calling Christian parents to educate their children in the Christian worldview. This is not reasonably possible when a child spends 30 plus hours a week under the tutelage of anti-God teaching. Is it anti-God? Is it not plainly obvious? A teacher can get fired and a student expelled for having a Bible on their desk. A teacher can get fired for teaching that God is Creator and evolution a farce, or for teaching that sexual abstinence until heterosexual monogamous marriage is the only right way to conduct one’s self morally. Is the public school anti-God? The answer is too evident to need further explanation!

My heart is heavy over this and so I write often about this most debilitating defect within the Body of Christ, namely 85% of Christian children given to the state for indoctrination in anti-Biblical, anti-God, yes, anti-Christ philosophies and suppositions. This giving of our children to state indoctrination is more than a defect, it is an atrocity! I am my brother’s keeper, therefore I speak out. I hope you will forward this to some Christian friends or acquaintances who have their children in the government school. Better to get them mad at you now than watch them at the judgment seat receive the reward of such folly perpetrated upon the children God committed to their trust.

Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! There is an enemy, and he is already within the gates. The people sleep while their children are stolen graduating class after graduating class, 8 out of 10 of them. The arrows God gave us to shoot at the enemy, 8 out of 10 of them are placed in the enemy’s quiver, the Kingdom gets 2, and the war rages on. Will you not tell your Christian friends and acquaintances? I have written a tract, a FREE SOCIAL TOOL to make it easier to share this grave concern with Christian parents. It is titled Six Reasons Christian Parents Should Remove Their Children from Public SchoolYou can get it here. You will also find a free Christmas tract and other tracts there as well.

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Read the official ICCP topic: The Education of Christian ChildrenAlso see several articles on education of Christian children by me on this page.

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