Public School Opposes Kingdom of God & Omniscience


This post comments on two of the 24 topics: Topic 4, The Kingdom of God and Topic 5, Omniscience of God and Human Freedom.

A fixture in every American city and hamlet is the government school complex with its yellow buses. It is clear that this ubiquitous entity is against Christianity and against Christ (see footnote 1 below). In consequence of its overall opposition to Christianity public schools directly oppose the truths and principles of the 24 topics of the International Church Council Project (ICCP). These 24 topics have been identified by the steering and advisory committees and the Christian leaders of ICCP as topics needing clarification of and a renewed commitment to the theology and principles disclosed in the 24 official topic documents written by ICCP theologians. In other words, the public school system which educates approximately 85% of Christian children, are daily indoctrinating those Christian children into the false teachings identified by the ICCP. Any thinking and honest mind should be able to discern, even without the help of the ICCP, that the government school system opposes Christ, His people and His purposes for cultural renewal and blessing.

In light of the foregoing reality the ICCP urges Christian parents to act responsibly by withdrawing their children from the government school system and placing them under some form of Christian education (Christian school, Christian tutor, Christian homeschooling, etc.).

4.   The Kingdom of God
The reality or the possibility of Christ’s present reign (Psalm 110; Hebrews 10:12-13) over the nations is denied and ridiculed by the government school system. The progress of history is assumed by the public school system to be by happenchance and as the survival of the fittest is played out on an evolutionary basis. In such a model man is the highest creature in the universe and corporate man in the state is the highest authority in the universe. Such assumptions leave no room for a Kingdom of God.

5.   Omniscience of God and Human Freedom
This topic sets forth the Bible’s teaching on God’s foreknowledge of all future events and the simultaneous moral accountability to God of each human being for all one’s actions, words and thoughts. The public school system inculcates into children the false view that the future is random and unknowable by any being and that man is responsible to no higher authority than the State.

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Below are items dealing with the equity of Christian children being educated in public schools. I have given these materials to pastors I have visited in our area as I have urged them to speak plainly to their congregations regarding the danger of their neighborhood public schools. I invite you to print these materials, study them yourself and also give a copy to your pastor:

Read the official ICCP topic: The Education of Christian ChildrenAlso see several articles on education of Christian children by me on this page.

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Footnote 1: Jesus said, “He who receives whomever I send receives Me; and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.” (John 13:20 (NKJV)). Anti-Christian and anti-Christ are synonymous terms (Acts 16:14). With expulsion of the Bible from public schools along with any lawful mention of Jesus Christ as Son of God and Savior, it is clear that an anti-Christian/anti-Christ stance has been taken by the public school system.

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