Steering Committee & Advisory Board


Steering Committee

Dr. David J. Ayers
Professor, Grove City College

Dr. Ted Baehr
Chairman, Christian Film & TV Comm

Rev. Mark Beliles
President, Providence Foundation

Bishop Wellington Boone
President, Fellowship of Intl. Churches

Dr. James Borland
Secretary-Treasurer, Evangel. Theo. Society

Dr. Derek Carlsen
Pastor, Church of Christian Liberty

Dr. Eugene Clingman
Executive Admin., International Church Council Project

Rev. Geoffrey Donnan
President, Reformation Christian Ministries

Colonel John Eidsmoe
Professor, Jones School of Law

Dr. Robert Fugate
Thy Word is Truth Publishers

Dr. Jay Grimstead
Director, Coalition on Revival

Dr. Peter Hammond
Director, Frontline Fellowship, South Africa

Dr. David Hesselgrave
Evangelical Missiological Society, Past Exec.Dir.

Mr. Bob Hieronymus
Major  USAF (Retired)

Rev. Craig Hill
President, Family Foundations International

Rabbi Daniel C. Juster
Director, Tikkun Ministries

Dr. Henry Krabbendam
Professor, Covenant College

Bishop William Mikler
Senior Minister, St. Johns Abbey

Mr. Garry J. Moes
President, WorldCom Consulting

Dr. David Powlison
Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher
Professor, Martin Bucer Seminary , Germany

Mr. Daniel Smithwick
President, Nehemiah Institute

Dr. Josef Tson
President, Romanian Missionary Society , Romania

Dr. Larry Walker
Professor, Beeson Divinity School

Dr. Ed Welch
Professor, Westminister Seminary-East


Advisory Committee

Dr. Gary Amos
Author, Lawyer

Dr. Paul Chappell
Exec. Vice President, The King’s Seminary

Mr. Art Cunningham
Retired Manager, Hughes Aircraft

Dr. Mark Dalbey
President, Covenant Theological Seminary

Mr. Doug Daugherty
President, Chattanooga Resource Foundation

Dr. Kenneth Gentry
Professor, Bahnsen Theological Seminary

Mr. Richard Godshall
President, Godshall Foundation

Dr. George Grant
President, Kings Meadow Study Center

Dr. Joseph Kickasola
Professor, Regent University

Dr. Bernie Ogilvy
President, Masters Institute

Dr. Kenneth Talbot
President, Whitefield Theol. Seminary

Dr. Rodman Williams
Professor, Regent University

Dr. Charles Wolfe
Restore the Republic

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