The Official Documents


The Steering Committee of the International Church Council Project has approved these documents and considers these documents ready for use in churches, seminaries, Bible schools, and for personal edification. We do not claim the documents are flawless. We invite Christian leaders from each nation to form a twelve man committee of men from their own nation to officially approve each document in its present form or to submit recommended changes their national committee believes essential to the doctrinal integrity of any document. (We are asking only for changes critical to the doctrinal trustworthiness of the documents, not for minor preferences.)

If you meet the qualifications, we invite you to help gather a twelve man committee of theologically astute biblically oriented men in your own country. Our vision, hope, and prayer is that through this process the Body of Christ worldwide will with one voice declare to the false teachers within Christianity, and to the watching world outside Christianity, that we stand together in these Christian truths, and that those who oppose these statements of biblical Christian truth or teach doctrines contrary are in error and are admonished by the worldwide Body of Christ to conform their thinking and teaching to the true grace of God revealed in Holy Scripture and expressed in these documents.

The twenty-four documents of the International Church Council Project

1.   Biblical Inerrancy: Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

2.   Biblical Hermeneutics: Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics

3.   The Essentials of a Christian World View

4.   The Kingdom of God

5.   The Omniscience of God and Human Freedom

6.   The Pelagian Controversy

7.   The Judicial and Substitutionary Nature of Salvation

8.   The Trinity

9.   The Eternal Fate of Unbelievers

10. The Lordship of Christ

11. The Unity of the Body of Christ

12. Church Discipline

13. Culture, Contextualization and Missions

14. Christians’ Civic Duties

15. Biblical Economic Systems

16. Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

17. Biblical Distinctives Between Males and Females

18. Homosexuality

19. A Biblical Approach to Counseling

20. Israel & the Church

21. The Education of Christian Children

22. The Sanctity of Human Life

23. God’s Law for All Societies

24. Environmental Stewardship

There is brief commentary on each of the above documents here.

Helping as a Theological Contributor

The International Church Council Project invites qualified men to participate on a theological committee in their region. Learn more




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