#9-Eternal Fate


The Eternal Fate of Unbelievers

Copyright 2013
International Church Council Project
Articles of Affirmation & Denial

(Topic #9)

Article I
We affirm
that only Christians will spend eternity with God in heaven and that all unbelievers will spend eternity in hell.1
We deny that the doctrines of universalism, annihilationism, conditional immortality, reincarnation, purgatory, and post-death conversion may be derived from scripture or from the history of the Church.

  1. Matthew 25:46; Revelation 22:11

Article II
We affirm
that the doctrine of the conscious eternal punishment of the lost must be derived from the scripture and from scripture alone. We further affirm that the doctrine of the conscious eternal punishment of the lost has always been the teaching of the mainstream church.
We deny that the doctrine of life after death may be based upon “near death” or “after death” experiences, or through the testimony of mediums or other supposed contacts with the dead.

Article III
We affirm that God’s justice and eternal wrath are ontologically and rationally consistent with His love and mercy. We further affirm that the wrath of the Lamb is the same as the wrath of God and that the Son is not more merciful than the Father.
We deny that it is unjust for God to grant mercy those who believe and not to those who reject Him.

Article IV
We affirm that God is the judge of all mankind and that all humans will be resurrected and judged.  Those whose names are not found in the Book of Life will be consigned to the lake of fire for eternity.1
We deny that there are any other options than Heaven and Hell, and we deny that there is any escape for those consigned to the lake of fire.

  1. Revelation 20:15

Article V
We affirm
that God’s integrity would be violated if He did not punish sin, but we also affirm that God justly assigns degrees of punishment to those in hell.1
We deny that eternal torment in the lake of fire is inconsistent with the Bible or with the character of God.

  1. Matthew 11:21-24
  2. Revelation 20:10

Article VI
We affirm
that the suffering in the lake of fire is real, conscious and without end.1
We deny that it is biblical to compromise the reality of the consciousness or the unceasing character of the punishment of hell.2

  1. Matthew 10:28; Mark 9:43-44; Luke 16:24
  2. Revelation 20:10

Article VII
We affirm that there is no salvation for anyone apart from Christ’s atonement: neither for those who have heard, nor for those who have not heard the gospel. We further affirm that the benefits of Christ’s atonement can only be obtained during one’s present life on earth.1
We deny that there is any salvation or escape from hell after one’s death.2

  1. Hebrews 9:27
  2. Luke 16:26

Article VIII
We affirm that the false doctrines of universalism, annihilationism, and post-death salvation diminish the importance of preaching the reality and terror of hell and the necessity of repentance in this life, and thus minimize the motivation for missions and evangelism.
We deny that these false doctrines minimize the offense of the Gospel, or that by taking away the threat of eternal punishment, the lost will more readily accept God’s message of salvation.1

  1. Luke 16:31

Definitions for this paper:
“Universalism”……Every human will eventually be saved from Adam on. “Annihilationism”…Unsaved humans will cease to exist after death at some point. “Conditional immortality”…Immortality is only conferred upon believers.  “Post-death conversion”…Humans have a 2nd chance to be saved after death.


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