The White Knight


A brief update: I attempted to send this from my cell phone several days ago while I was in Orlando, Florida. I was unable to send it from the phone, so I am sending it now…

Dear Friends,

My primary work is the International Church Council project ( To help pay the bills I work part time for an outstanding Christian publisher whose name is Jerry Nordskog of Nordskog Publishing. It has been my privilege to be with our newest author Judy Carlson (and her husband, Tim) whose book is just now being released today (July 1). The book is called The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom and the Sea Princess. It is an outstanding book. We are in Orlando, Florida at the ICRS (International Christian Retailing Show) for Judy to do two book signings. For several months before the book was in print, I had access to the electronic files and my phone read the book to me twice. This is an outstanding book along the lines of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, and with all sincerity I say, maybe as good and classic as those are. It is a fantasy, a fantasy created with an exceptional sensitivity to the Christian worldview which is real reality. I hope this book finds a wide reception. I am confident that all who are touched by it will benefit. The book is excellent for children; there is absolutely nothing in it that your children would be improperly exposed to. The nuances of Christian worldview are such that mature Christians will gain much from Judy Carlson’s excellent writing. There is an exceptional beauty, glory and honor resting on this book and the Lord Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit are truly honored in its pages. The book may be obtained directly from the publisher website If you read The White Knight I’d be delighted to hear from you and if you write a review or some comments, we will probably post those to the book’s webpage.

God’s grace to you,


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