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The tasks we are asking State Councils on Theology to do are listed in this section.

a)      Until a 12 man State Council is formed, the first task is to recruit other members onto your council from evangelical professors, pastors, teachers, church leaders etc. who meet the Membership Requirements.

b) Defend wherever necessary the positions stated by all 24 ICCP Documents.

(This may involve initiating debates and dialogues with Christian leaders, teachers, pastors, media people who take a public stand against any of these documents.)

(NOTE: A “debate” is a formal, confronting, public debate that follows the normal, debate rules. Whereas a “dialogue” is a friendlier, more informal discussion where there is give and take such as might occur on a talk radio show or some church meeting.)

c)       Promote these documents on local radio and T.V. talk shows, at church meetings and

local evangelical seminars (where the seminar leader is willing for you to do so), in the local news-press and through national and denominational magazines.

d)      In your state, your council is to hold the Bible up alongside the churches, Christian

schools, organizations and mission agencies AS A PLUMB LINE to measure each group’s theological orthodoxy and biblical practices and write a formal letter from your state council to any such group which is into heresy or anti-biblical activity.

e)       Within your state, formally encourage and call for pastors, churches and organizations to initiate CHURCH DISCIPLINE on any of their members which the Apostle Paul would say deserve church discipline.

f)       When the professors of Christian colleges and seminaries in your state receive the COR 40 Question Survey on orthodoxy and Bible inerrancy, stand ready to answer questions and deal with those professors and administrators who want to make a war over this survey which will be presented for us by the Barna Research Group.


In August of 2003 after 20 of our documents were completed, we held a Theological Consultation in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Knox Theological Seminary attended by about 100 theologians. Over 2000 evangelical theologians in America and Canada who were members of the ETS received an invitation to participate. The purpose of this Consultation was to formalize and finalize the English version of these theological documents so each document was reviewed by a sub-committee. After the 3 days of discussion all 20 documents were approved and a “Declaration” was signed declaring that we believed these documents accurately represented, however imperfectly, the basic teaching of the Bible on those particular issues, and that those who stood in opposition to these documents were thereby undermining the foundation on which the next generation stands. From that point on, the English version we now have was to be considered the standard, fixed version of all these Church Council Documents which is to be edited and from which all translations are to be made until the end of our proposed Global Church Council wherein a final, fixed version will emerge as the standard version for the Body of Christ that is affirmed by theologians from most of the targeted 80 countries of the world.

In essence then, we are considering the North American version of these documents complete and finalized at this time so we are not asking members of State Councils on Theology to do any editing on these documents. (However, if any member of a State Council on Theology wishes to offer what they think are editing improvements as an individual, they have the freedom to do so as an individual.) So we are not assigning any editing task to any State Council on Theology in the U.S. since we consider these English versions are complete and already edited in North America since August of 2003.


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